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Choosing a school for our children is one of the most important decisions we as parents make. While we may have already identified key elements we would want for our children’s school, our final decision is often influenced by the ‘feel’ of our chosen school.

We recommend that you arrange an appointment to come and visit us and see for yourself what an un-rivaled learning experience life at Good Shepherd Christian Academy truly is! If you are looking for the forms to fill out for enrollment, you will find them by scrolling down under the FORMS section on this page.


Welcome NEW students and families! Please see below for a complete list of documents to print and complete. If you have any questions, please let us know how we can help!

Financial Assistance

We believe that education at Good Shepherd Christian Academy should be accessible to everyone. The following scholarships are available. 

Good Shepherd Christian Academy Info for Scholarships

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Indiana Choice Scholarship Program – Good Shepherd Christian Academy is a participating school, and our families are able to receive financial assistance through the Department of Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program. This program provides scholarships to eligible Indiana students in grades K– 12 to offset tuition costs. Families must satisfy household income requirements  to qualify. Kindergarten Prep students are not eligible for this program, but may be eligible for SGO, see below . For more information please visit

Choice 2023/2024 Income Guidelines as of May 10, 2023

Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) – Good Shepherd Christian Academy partners with the Institute for Quality Education to receive scholarships that make private school more affordable. These tax credit scholarships are funded by donations. The individuals and businesses that donate to the scholarship receive a tax benefit. Students must be residents of Indiana and their family at least 200% or below the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Income Guidelines. Students in who are 4 years old are eligible. Students may receive both SGO and School Choice funds as long as tuition and school fees are not exceeded. The awarded amount is dependent on funds available, and will be determined yearly by the school administrator and a school board representative. For more information please visit

Shepherd’s Fund – The Shepherd’s Fund is funded by donations and provides assistance to families and students in many ways including lunch and tuition assistance. The awarded amount is dependent on funds available, and applications will be reviewed/awarded by the school administrator and a school board representative.


Financial Assistance Application Form

Online Payment Information

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