Our Approach

A Commitment to Excellence

In order to build upon this foundation, the following philosophy and practice has been incorporated into our school ministry:

(a) All teachers and assistants must give testimony of personal faith in Christ, be a Christ-like example to the students in all areas of life, and be faithful in attendance and involved in a Christian church;

(b) Curriculum is based on and interpreted in the light of God’s revealed word;

(c) Students shall conduct themselves in a Christian manner; the standard by which students should relate to each other and their superiors include honesty, respect, kindness, humility and a servant-spirit;

(d) Discipline flows from the principle that each student is personally accountable for his or her behavior; consistent standards of discipline shall be applied;

(e) Doing one’s best is the goal in all studies, and activities; and,

(f) Seeking God’s approval is more important than gaining the approval of the world.

Early Learning

Good Shepherd Christian Academy offers two early learning classes. The Early Preschool class is 5 half-days (extended day may be available depending on enrollment) per week and is designed for students age 3 by August 1. The Kindergarten Prep class is 5 full-days per week and is designed for students age 4 by August 1. Students in Kindergarten Prep are required to wear uniforms. Curriculum in the early learning program is based on the Indiana Early Learning Foundations.

Expectations for our Early Learners: We work together so that every child can develop to his or her fullest potential socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, cognitively, and academically. Through growth in all of these domains, the child will become a healthy, capable, competent, and powerful learner.


Good Shepherd Christian Academy uses Biblically based and other coordinated curricula which develop excellence in academics and Christian character. These materials are Christ-centered and are designed to give students a superior education that prepares them not only for further education but also for life.

Every subject is approached from a thoroughly Biblical point of view. Christian character education and a Biblical worldview perspective are integrated into class materials from the ground up—not as an afterthought. Our curriculum includes teacher direction, demonstration, drill, practice, and review. Students are taught to understand concepts and functions in order to answer questions logically. The Bible curriculum is strictly non-denominational, but is Biblically sound. The curriculum provides an enjoyable learning experience using games and varied creative learning techniques that lead to academic excellence.

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