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Welcome to Good Shephard Christian Academy.  We hope you find all the details you are looking for when it comes to Christian education, here on our site.  We would love to give you a tour and talk about the admissions process at any time!

Amy Kuhn, Head Administrator

School Staff

Mrs. Amy Kuhn

Head Administrator

Pastor Cliff Bunch

Senior Pastor

Ms. Julia Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Lauren Bell

Early Preschool

Mrs. Sandy Anderson

Kindergarten Prep

Mrs. Dalyn Holt

2nd/3rd Grade

Mrs. Stephanie Ogle

4th/5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mona Campbell

Lunch Manager

Miss Kayla Doll

Kindergarten/1st Grade
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Why We Love GSCA

“My school encourages my child to be himself and find his identity in Christ. It also encourages accelerated learning. My son is reading far ahead of grade level, and his teacher promotes higher order thinking. I know that my son is loved, safe, and learning so much during the day. I highly recommend this school because of small class sizes, a Christian education, a loving environment, and accelerated learning.”


“Good Shepherd Christian Academy is a school with the highest standards in education excellence, teaching not only the core subjects but sound biblical principals as well.”


“GSCA is a great school. Teachers work so hard to help all the students. Class sizes are small and students are expected to be respectful to teachers and each other. It is an amazing place and a wonderful learning environment.”


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